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BLUESTAR® FORENSIC performance on bleach and bleached stains

Tests were carried out on various blood dilutions that had been bleached (9.6% and 0.48% concentrations). Conclusions are as follows:

Bleach does not prevent subsequent blood detection with BLUESTAR®.

+ Bleach
+ Bluestar

Once bleached (9.6% and 0.48% chlorine concentration) and machine washed, bloodstains at various dilutions are still revealed by BLUESTAR® FORENSIC.

Blood alone


Blood + Bleach
+ Bluestar
+ Machine wash

Bleach is a lying witness because it shows a characteristic chemiluminescence, but this does not particularly hinder detection: the confusion between bloodstains and bleach is impossible if you have a trained eye:

  • The luminescence has a different color
  • The reaction intensity is weaker on bleach
  • The reaction is much shorter on bleach

The shorter duration of the bleach luminescence is a distinguishing mark of a surface that has been bleached. This can be seen on this video relating to false positives.

This demo is an extract of our 47-minute instruc-tional video, available in the video section.