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BLUESTAR® FORENSIC performance on various materials - False positives

Various surfaces and materials have been tested, porous and non-porous, natural or synthetic :

  • iron and others metals
  • various plastics
  • fabrics and papers
  • stones
  • various coatings
  • etc.

Most surfaces yield excellent results.

Some false positives have been identified, such as varnished wood, a few small shrubs (thyme...).

False positives study report

This study tested various household products such as cleaning and food products, as well as chemicals. Bluestar false positives (PDF, 45 KB).


The reaction is different on false positives, as is shown in this video.

This demo is an extract of our 47-minute instruc-tional video, available in the video section.

Bluestar on grass.

Read the Dekens and Cheetham study report (PDF, 1 MB) on the preservation and detection of blood patterns on grass, including recommendations for optimal detection of blood.