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Super-strength formula, for searching for minute blood droplets or stains on washed objects. Perfect for forensic lab technicians but recommended also on crime scenes.

3 times more powerful

BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM, 3 times more powerful than the regular BLUESTAR® FORENSIC, has been especially formulated for the critical cases when minute blood particles are searched for (microscopic droplets that have been projected onto an agressor's clothing for instance). Such droplets, invisible to the naked eye, and even under a magnifyer, are sometimes the only evidence available to confound a murderer. With the MAGNUM version, their discovery is easier thanks to the increased sensitivity and intensity of the luminescence.

Read the Lautz & Webb comparative study on BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM performance and effects on DNA.

Search for blood on washed objects

The MAGNUM is also very useful when searching for blood on washed garments (or other objects). Its higher sensitivity helps to make blood stains stand out. Particularly suited for forensic lab technicians who need an extremely efficient chemical for detailed examination of items such as clothing or weapons.

Avoid drippings on vertical and smooth surfaces

The MAGNUM is also usable in a variety of situations, in a laboratory or at a crime scene that involves a limited search area or vertical and smooth surfaces, using the outstanding ECOSPRAY. The combination MAGNUM + ECOSPRAY is a winner in such cases as it avoids drippings while still producing a strong luminescence. As the product won't run, performing morphoanalysis is still possible after spraying BLUESTAR.

Watch this video showing the performance of BLUESTAR FORENSIC MAGNUM sprayed on various smooth and vertical surfaces such as a window or a door. Begins with the presentation and preparation of the reagent, followed by a demonstration. The ECOSPRAY sprayer being superior to the SPRAY GUN used in the video, it now replaces the latter in our catalog

This demo is an extract of our instructional video, available in the video section.

Magnum + Ecospray pictures are available in this independent 2011 Science and Justice paper : "Chemical enhancement of footwear impressions of blood on fabric - Part 2 Peroxidaxe reagents".

Package content

  • Bottle containing 125 ml (4 oz) of chemiluminescent solution
  • 1 foil packet containing 3 tablets of oxidizer.

How to prepare the solution

You will need a spray bottle equipped with a fine mist atomizer or use an ECOSPRAY. Pour the content of the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM into the spray bottle and add the three tablets ot obtain 125 ml (4 oz) of solution.

The product can also be used in three separate doses, for searching small objects (such as a garment). Pour 1/3 of the bottle content into the spray bottle, then add 1 tablet of oxidizer.

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