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This new chemical formula based on luminol surpasses the others in performance and overcomes their drawbacks for an easy and reliable use.

Available in different versions

BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is sold as a ready-to-use field kit, and its smaller version the "mini kit" or as water soluble tablets, the multi-use compact version.  Tiny droplets of blood will be best detected with the ultra-powerful Magnum version. For training purposes, use our training tablets, a cheaper version of the regular tablets.

Discover all BLUESTAR versions and accessories.

Extreme performance

  • The extreme sensitivity of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC allows the naked eye to detect bloodstains down to 1:10,000 dilutions, like minute traces or droplets that have been washed off, with or without detergent.
  • BLUESTAR® FORENSIC has a stronger and longer-lasting luminescence that does not require total darkness to be visible.  Good quality pictures can be obtained with an ordinary camera and film.
  • With a little practice, BLUESTAR® FORENSIC makes it impossible to get confused between blood and false positives since the luminescence differs in color, intensity and duration.
  • BLUESTAR® FORENSIC does not alter DNA and allows for both subsequent DNA typing and ABO typing.
  • BLUESTAR® FORENSIC works as well on fresh blood as on very old or altered bloodstains, pure or diluted.

Easier to use

  • BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is easier and safer to prepare thanks to the pre-formulated tablets which avoid weighing-out ingredients. Neither powders nor liquids to be mixed, only fast-dissolving tablets. Does not contain any sodium tetrahydrate perborate. Easily recycled. No residues left after drying. Check our MSDS in the download section.
  • BLUESTAR® FORENSIC can be sprayed over and over again on the same bloodstains for the same resulting luminescence each time.
  • Before use, BLUESTAR® FORENSIC has a very long shelf-life and does not necessitate any special storage condition.
  • Once mixed, BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is stable and will work for hours, or even several days.

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