Comparado con el luminol

¿Cómo se comparan BLUESTAR® FORENSIC y BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM con el Luminol y la Fluoresceína? Véalo usted mismo en los siguientes estudios y presentaciones.

Falsos positivos de Bluestar
Informe de un estudio sobre una serie de falsos positivos del producto Bluestar y del luminol.

Diapositivas en PowerPoint de reacciones de Fuoresceína/Bluestar®/Luminol (en inglés)
Jason Guffey
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Luminol vs. Bluestar®: a comparison study of latent blood reagents
Samantha K. Webb, Criminalist, Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The Effects of Substrate, Blood Volume, and Washing on the Performance of Luminol, Bluestar® Forensic, and Bluestar®Forensic Magnum
Jane G. Mak, Amy N. Brodeur, and Kevin R. Kosiorek. Boston University

A comparative study of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM vs. Luminol performances and their effects on DNA typing/amplification.
J. Lautz, St Louis University,
S. Webb, St Louis Metropolitan Police Dpt.

Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal:
A new high-performance reagent and procedure for latent bloodstain detection based on Luminol chemiluminescence.
L.J Blum, P. Esperança, S. Rocquefelte

A comparison of visual enhancement chemicals for the recovery of possible blood stains at the crime scene. Luminol vs. BLUESTAR®.
M. Dawn Watkins MS. CLPE CSCSA. King C. Brown MS.CSCSA CFPH.
A shorter version of this paper has been published in the March/April 2006 issue of the Evidence Technology Magazine, volume 4, number 2.

Journal of Forensic Identification:
Use of BLUESTAR FORENSIC in lieu of Luminol at crime scenes by L. Dilbeck, Scottsdale Police Department.