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Commentarios respecto al uso y resultados de los Reactivos BLUESTAR Forensic                                                                             11 de Setiembre del 2019

Mg. Violeta E. Rojas Maldonado - Colegio Biòlogos del Peru-2124 - Perito Biòlogo Forense - POLICIA NACIONAL DEL PERÙ

December 06, 2006

This message is for Calvin Jackson [BLUESTAR USA]. Calvin, thank you for the help on Sunday. We have luminescence inside the vacuum cleaner that was used to clean up the blood in the 19-year old murder site!!! Unbelievable. We have night vision video and digital images. Spectacular.

Charles Illsley
Uintah County Sheriff's Office
Utah, USA

July 25, 2006

Hi Sir/Madam,
Just wanted to let you know, I was testing out your product on an old bath mat which had previously been deposited with blood shoe impressions, then treated with Leuco Crystal Violet and then washed approx 6 times. The same mat was then redeposited with blood shoe impressions and the treated with Luminol. Only the newest impressions were developed. The mat was again washed approx 6 times (with industrial strength detergent)and placed in a cupboard where it has been sitting for approx 1 year. I only by chance decided to try applying the Blue Star. Wow! Every impression that had been applyed and treated fluoresced. I am very impressed.

Charmaine Ennis
Crime Scene Training Facility
Canberra Institute of Technology

April 24, 2006

I met with you at the IABPA European Conference in Middelburg the Netherlands. I tested Bluestar last week and I was surprised how good results it gave me. My own and my colleagues common opinion was that it works much better than luminol and therefore we intend to start using Bluestar in Estonia very soon.

Jaan Sild, Superintendent
Estonian Police Forensic Service Centre

March 30, 2006

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police has requested for a national budget for BlueStar. After getting almost all the samples from me, which they used for testing and some actual cases, they finally concluded that BlueStar is far more effective and convenient than what they used to use - Benzedene and Luminol.

EyeSpy Detectives & Investigators
Metro Manila, Philippines

March 01, 2006

I want to thank you for your assistance with the research project that we have been working on.  If you recall I had contacted you in regard to using your product in an attempt to visualize bloodstain evidence of historical value.

We have completed the first phase of the project and the results so far have been promising.  Your product did not show any discoloration or unwanted results in regards to the areas treated.  In addition a positive reaction was located on the floor under a porthole that had been used during the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1,2,3, 1863).  This location is documented as having been the location at which two Confederate snipers were killed.  I have attached some of the photographs.
Thank You,

Det. Lt. Nicholas A. Paonessa
Niagara Falls Police Department
Crime Scene Unit

October 12, 2005

Mr. Calvin Jackson,

My name is Officer Justin Smith with the Kannapolis Police Department in North Carolina.  I recently attended the basic crime scene academy at Central Piedmont Community College in Huntersville, NC where you were the main instructor. [...] You gave everyone in the class a sample of the Bluestar reagent.  I used that sample today and the results were phenomenal.  2 years ago I secured into evidence a pair of jeans and a shirt that had been through a complete wash cycle in a washing machine.  They were wet and I pulled them from the washing machine before the suspect could put them in the dryer.  The clothing was worn by a suspect who brutally beat and robbed an old man.  The clothing was air dried and placed into evidence where it sat until today.  The trial is next week and the DA asked if I could do anything with the clothing.  I mentioned your product and advised that I had not used it yet.  She wanted me to try it and report the results.  So after a test run with some cow blood and paper (wanted to make a mistake there and not on the clothing) I brought he clothing out of its 2 year storage and gave it a go.  I was amazed at the results!  The knees and the cuffs lit up like a Christmas tree which was consistent with the victim’s statement.  I was also able to document the reaction with a digital camera (also learned in your class).  We ran out of the sample before getting to the shirt.  I had our crime scene investigator with me and he was sold after seeing the results.  Friday when I come back into work the crime scene investigator and I will be sitting down with the Major to discuss the need for your product and classes!  Thank you again for the outstanding block of instruction and the sample of Bluestar!


Officer Justin Smith
Kannapolis Police Department
Kannapolis NC, 28081

August 23, 2005

I met with you at the I.A.I. conference in Dallas, TX. We discussed the success of BLUESTAR® in a missing person case where blood was thought to be in the trunk of victim's car. BLUESTAR® performed better than I expected, much better than I expected... In the past I have used and endorsed BLUESTAR® products to law enforcement personnel from across the country. They have seen the dramatic benefits of it's use over Luminol. I would like to continue to show the law enforcement community the benefits of using your products.

Tim Kesterson
Senior Evidence Technician - Forensic Unit
Knoxville Police Department TN 37927 - USA

November 18, 2004 and later

I wanted to provide you with an update on the last state conference of the IAI that I attended. The individual who reformulated Fluorescein (Robert Cheesman) was present and really attempted to down play how well BLUESTAR® works. However, when I showed the audience how simple it was to make and use the solution, and especially how it reacted with the hidden blood, the attendees were sold on BLUESTAR®.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, the largest department in the southeastern part of the US, accomplished a comparative test of BLUESTAR®, Luminol, and Fluorescein. They used washed blood on carpet, wood, linoleum, dry wall/sheet rock, and clothing fabric. The BLUESTAR® out performed all the others and was especially cited for its ability to locate blood that was painted over.

I instructed a class on yesterday, November 17, 2004, on how to detect blood evidence using chemicals. We used 9 separate chemical tests for the presence of blood. I made a solution of BLUESTAR® using the tablets and it absolutely performed superior to any other product used. The crime scene technicians present were all impressed and will purchase the product. However, I did not destroy the remaining solution and was about to destroy it today, November 18, 2004, when I decided to try it on another washed blood sample. The product worked today, 24 hours after mixing, as well as it did on yesterday when it was fresh. I continue to be amazed at how well the product performs.

I was contacted this morning with another testimony about BLUESTAR® after I provided him with a sample during the North Carolina IAI Chapter Conference in November 2004: A Detective Sergeant with a rural sheriff’s department was investigating the murder of a female who had been beaten with a baseball bat. The suspect had cleaned the room where the homicide had taken place and the detective decided to use luminol in an attempt to determine if bloodspatter was present. He waited until night time and was accompanied by two North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations agents. […] it was extremely dark in the room. He sprayed the suspected wall hoping for positive results, and was shocked at how well the BLUESTAR® worked. He stated ‘the luminescence from the BLUESTAR® was so intense that they (the detective, and the two SBI Agents) could see each others’ faces.’ He said ‘the SBI Agents mouths actually dropped opened because they had never heard of BLUESTAR® and knew luminol didn’t work nearly as well.’ After getting those results they went to the store where the suspect had rented a carpet cleaner, and test the only three carpet cleaning machines that the store rents to customers. The detective sprayed two of the machines and got not reaction from the BLUESTAR®. However, when they sprayed the third machine, he said ‘It looked like the machine was on fire because the reaction with BLUESTAR® was so intense.’ He verified the rental receipts and serial numbers with the machine and they matched. They then had their suspect and a very strong circumstantial case for court.

Calvin D. Jackson, MFS
Director, General Forensics
American Academy of Applied Forensics
Charlotte, NC - USA

November 14, 2004

In Florida, I gave a class some of my samples of BLUESTAR® and they did a side by side comparison with luminol....this was the first time I saw a true test of BLUESTAR® and was I amazed!!!  Jean-Marc, you have a great product and I am very pleased and thank you for letting us be your distributor!!

Rick A. Force
SPEX Forensics

November 01, 2004

We have made some tests with the BLUESTAR®. I was quite surprised at the strong luminescence and its duration. I also informed our National Crime Lab and sent them few photos of our tests. They were astonished as well. Here is an appendix of our test. Two pieces of a bloody sweater. Left piece is washed, so the blood is not visible. The right one is the bloody piece without washing. […] We took photos every minute up to five minutes. The last two pictures are photographed in semi-dark room when the door was open and the pieces were photographed in that light. You can easily notice the glow. We sprayed the pieces only once during that 5 minutes. The interesting thing is why the washed piece is glowing stronger and longer than the bloody one. […] The photographing was very easy. With Canon digital we used both manual and automatic exposuring and everything went just fine. You really don´t have to struggle to have good pictures.

Tampere Police Department
Crime Scene Unit
Aki Salonen 
Tampere – Finland

October 20, 2004

Thank you for the discovery kit of BLUESTAR® delivered in IAI conference. The trial and validation in my laboratory are just started. I am impressed by the strong intensity and long lasting of the reaction by the reagent.

Joe Wai-wah CHUNG
Laboratory Specialist Services Officier
Hong Kong Forensic Science Division

September 16, 2004

We have had a great week with Bluestar. The murder of a teen girl in Nottingham 4 weeks ago […] They have been using Luminol at over twenty scenes during the last 5 years. They ordered Bluestar and it was delivered the next morning direct to the crime scene. The crime scene officers retrieved plenty of DNA, and plenty of photographic evidence for court interpretation. Their comments were, that they would never go back to the old luminol formula, Bluestar was easy to use and increased the amount of evidence collected. Also Strathclyde Forensic Lab have been testing Bluestar and think it’s great.

Phillip Ravell
Tetra Scene of Crime Ltd 
Great Britain

September 16, 2004

We have had a great week with Bluestar. The murder of a teen girl in Nottingham 4 weeks ago [...] They have been using Luminol at over twenty scenes during the last 5 years. They ordered Bluestar and it was delivered the next morning direct to the crime scene. The crime scene officers retrieved plenty of DNA, and plenty of photographic evidence for court interpretation.
Their comments were, that they would never go back to the old luminol formula, Bluestar was easy to use and increased the amount of evidence collected.
Also Strathclyde Forensic Lab have been testing Bluestar and think it’s great.

Phillip Ravell
Tetra Scene of Crime Ltd
Great Britain

May 21 / May 27 / June 09, 2004

I am very pleased with the results I have obtained using BlueStar and find it both easy to use and far better suited to photographic documentation than other sorts of luminol-based luminescent materials [...] This is a fine product which I will gladly recommend to others. 

...BlueStar appears to be considerably less hazardous to use as well as much safer and easier to recycle.  It does not appear to interfere with further analyses, [...] including DNA analyses.  [...] It is far preferable to luminol mixes: the luminescence last so much longer, [...] and does not appear to leave the residue volumes of other mixes…

I really think that your product is the very best for its intended purposes and it soon should eliminate all need for luminol. Lea el informe completo de Jon Nordby.

Jon J. Nordby, Ph.D., D-ABMDI
Final Analysis Forensics
Consultant in Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine;
Medical Investigator & Forensic Specialist, National Disaster Medical System, DMORT Region 10;
Instructor, Washington State Criminal Justice (Police) Training Academy.

July 26, 2004

We have now completed a four day and month long validation study.  We are impressed so far with your product.

Natalie Gavrilovic & Harold Messler
ST. Louis Metropolitan Police

July 28, 2004

First tests went well.  Analyst reported better sensitivity than luminol.

Harold Messler
ST. Louis Metropolitan Police

July 20, 2004

I had the testing accomplished by a variety of crime scene technicians at several police departments. […] The results were great. […] We provide crime scene training for police departments within a five state region and would love to be able to provide your product to them when they come for training… 

Calvin D. Jackson, MFS
Director, General Forensics
American Academy of Applied Forensics
Charlotte, NC - USA

July 22, 2004

We just had the opportunity to do some testing with BlueStar and were pleased with the results.  [...] the BlueStar was definitely more intense and also performed better in partial light. 

David Young
Texas Department of Public Safety, Lubbock
Criminalist – DNA Analyst

Aug. 06, 2004

...We tried BlueStar on diluted blood samples up to 1:1000 and were pleased to see fluorescence.

Damon L. Burman
Forensic Chemist I
Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division

July 15, 2004

I was recently introduced to Bluestar by the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Coroner's Office and I was very pleased with the results.

Detective Robert Pestak Sgt
Euclid Police Dept
Euclid, Ohio - USA

August 21, 2003

Just received your sample tablets today, thanks!  This is definitely the better way to go and we like the options it provides for us in offering it to our customers…

Dave Harvey
VP Engineering
Sirchie Finger Print Labs., Inc.
Youngsville, NC – USA

March 05, 2004

...the tablets worked.  We did a class on it to 80 people from different departments and
they all like it.

Doug Peavey - President
Lynn Peavey Company
Lenexa, KS - USA

December 19, 2003

Yes your product was tested and we would like to be your exclusive agents.

Margaret Morgenthaler
Militaria Com
Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

August 23, 2004

We have a murdercase where the bluestar was used and it will for sure get attention among my collegues soon ! The case will be a big item in the news later. [...] almost all forensic collegues in southern Sweden now are aware about the Bluestar.

Lars Henriksson

May 21, 2004

I have given the samples of your products to officers for testing in Colombia. They were very pleased with your product. The fact is that getting orders from the government there takes some time but the product was accepted.

Sergio Ferreira Nieto
SF International LTDA
Bogota, D.C. Colombia

The Police used your samples, the liquid worked well, they are quite happy with the system.

Dov Magen
Maverick Defense Technologies

The Fed Lab said test results are much better than with the products in use right now.

J. Roller
Independent Tool & Die
Vienna – Austria

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