BLUESTAR® Forensic, the most effective blood reagent for use at crime scenes or in the laboratory. The extreme sensitivity of BLUESTAR® Forensic allows the detection of blood traces with the naked eye up to dilutions of 1 / 100 000

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BLUESTAR® Forensic Latent bloodstains reagent

This new chemical formula based on luminol surpasses the others in performance and overcomes their drawbacks for an easy and reliable use.

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BLUESTAR® OBTI is the perfect complement to BLUESTAR® Forensic. This rapid screening test presumes that a bloodstain is of human origin. This helps the investigator to choose to collect or not a sample as evidence. A positive result indicates a strong likelihood for the presence of human blood. A lab analysis will later confirm or infirm this presumption.

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BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM® Rapid test for the detection of human haemoglobin

BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM® is a rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic test, in a device, for specific detection of human haemoglobin.

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BLUESTAR® Identi-PSA® Immunochromatographic testfor prostate specific antigen detection

BLUESTAR® Identi-PSA® is a rapid qualitative test in a device for PSA detection from traditional biological samples (serum, plasma, or blood), but also from sperm samples collected with a swab either on the clothes or on the body of the presumed victim of a sexual assault.

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Bluestar®'s story

The first experiments carried out with a view to application in forensic science were carried out in 1937 by Specht, who tested various supports such as lawns, bricks or stone slabs stained with blood. In 1939, Proesher & Moody …

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