How to photograph the luminescence of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC

The luminescence that occurs upon applying BLUESTAR® FORENSIC blood reagent lasts for several minutes and BLUESTAR® FORENSIC can be sprayed several times on the same area, making observation and picture taking easier.

Indicative camera settings
  • 24 mm lens
  • 400 ISO film
  • Camera on a tripod
  • Aperture f-stop 2.8
  • Exposure for 30s
luminol luminescence luminiscencia


All that is needed is a darkened room with diffused light. Natural diffused light is prefered to artificial light which gives yellowish or greenish pictures. A flash behind the photographer should be avoided because total darkness is difficult to obtain and is dangerous for the technician to move around. The technician should set the camera on a tripod preferably before treating the suspected area in order to avoid overspraying.

Learning to use Bluestar® – Part.6/15: photographic technique