BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Le meilleur révélateur de sang Best results
BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Réaction rapideFast results
BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Utilisation facileEasy to use


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Ultra-fine spray micro-diffuser to prevent dripping on smooth surfaces. Recommended with BLUESTAR® MAGNUM. Tiltable over 45°.

The BLUESPRAY® is a pressure reserve micro-diffuser that sprays fluids with perfect quality (fineness, distribution and regularity of particles). It works perfectly with the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM.
Propulsion capacity: up to 300 ml / 10 oz (up to 2.5 applications of BLUESTAR® 125 ml/4 oz ).
Vertical nozzle outlet diameter: 0,7mm

Product code : BL-MD


Attach the pressure reservoir to the body of the BLUESPRAY®, then attach the bottle previously filled with BLUESTAR® solution. Press the button to release an evenly distributed mist of BLUESTAR®. It can be tilted more than 45° to spray on horizontal objects or surfaces without loss of quality, a great advantage when treating horizontal surfaces or objects.


The BLUESPRAY® acts like a paint gun. The BLUESTAR® solution is sucked out of the bottle by vacuum and misted by the propellant released in the vapor phase. The performance of the metal nozzle is far superior to hand pump sprayers or plastic nozzle aerosols.


  • Micro-diffuser BLUESPRAY®.
  • PET crystal bottle 125 ml / 4 oz
  • Pressure reserve 113 ml / 3.8 oz
  • White screw cap


  1. Prepare your solution in the bottle provided, or in a BLUESTAR® MAGNUM bottle.
  2. Screw the pressure reservoir onto the head of the BLUESPRAY® microdiffuser.
  3. Then screw the bottle with the solution onto the microdiffuser.
  4. Spray on the surface to be treated


  • Weight: 285 grammes
  • Box dimensions: 15 x 15 x 6 cm.
  • Protect from sunlight and temperature above 50°C / 122°F