BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Le meilleur révélateur de sang Best results
BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Réaction rapideFast results
BLUESTAR FORENSIC - Utilisation facileEasy to use


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Full kit. The most easy for the Crime Scene Investigator.

The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC KIT provides the crime scene investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood, or its possible absence. Ready-to-use : just add the three white tablets to the bottle to obtain a single-use mixture.

Product code : BL-FOR-BLUEST


  • Bottle with 500 ml (16 oz) reagent
  • 3 catalyst tablets
  • 1 fine mist atomizer


  • Simply dissolve 3 BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets of catalyst in the lightening solution of the bottle and spray on any surface.


  • Kit size : 20 x 14 x 7,5 cm (9 x 5 1/2 x 3 inches)
  • Kit weight : 670 grams (24 oz)
  • All the components of the BLUESTAR® Forensic have to be stored in a dry place with temperature range comprised between 4°C to 30°C (39°F to 86°F).