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BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is more sensitive than other presumptive field tests for blood. Bloodstains treated with BLUESTAR® FORENSIC may be visible down to 1:10,000 dilutions. Invisible stains react immediately to the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC blood reagent, provoking an intense blue color luminescence (430 nm wavelength) visible to the naked eye in darkness. Its sensitivity is such that it will evidence blood in quantity smaller than the minimum required to perform D.N.A. typing.

Blood at dilutions from 1 to 1:1,000 before (in daylight)
and after spraying Bluestar(photos shot in darkness)

BLUESTAR® FORENSIC enables the detection of invisible or microscopic traces or blood droplets, particularly against dark backgrounds. The visualization of the stains does not depend on the size of the bloodstains, but only on the actual presence of blood.

Blood droplets

BLUESTAR® FORENSIC produces a more intense and longer-lasting luminescence that does not need total darkness to be visible. BLUESTAR® FORENSIC can be sprayed several times on the same area, making observation and picture or movie taking easier. Evidential photographs can be taken with an ordinary camera and film, therefore suppressing the need for sophisticated equipment.

What the French National Gendarmerie Criminal Research Institute (IRCGN) says about it :

«This new solution of the BLUESTAR® offers numerous advantages over a classic solution of luminol. The luminescence intensity is higher, it lasts longer, and it does not necessitate total darkness to be visible. Furthermore, this chemical is more stable in time, and can still be used several days after preparation».

SensitivityBleach | Materials | DNA/ABO typingOld blood