Narumi case: investigators accuse the main suspect

The Chilean ex-boyfriend of this Japanese student who disappeared in Besançon in 2016 fled to his country. The French justice has just revealed accusing elements on his responsibility.

The Chilean ex-boyfriend of this Japanese student who disappeared in Besançon in 2016 fled to his country. The French justice has just revealed accusing elements on his responsibility.

Certainly, the key piece is missing: a body. But for the rest, the Narumi case is “a puzzle in which all the pieces have been reconstituted, and fit together perfectly,” in the words of the public prosecutor of Besançon, Etienne Manteaux.

This Thursday morning, the magistrate took the floor for a final press conference regarding the disappearance of this 21-year-old Japanese student on December 5, 2016. If one were to push the analogy to a game of cards that would be played between the French and Chilean authorities, one would slip that at the time the investigation is completed, Étienne Manteaux has shot down a game provided to obtain the extradition of Nicolas Zepeda Contreras, the main suspect in the murder of the young woman.

The request was sent this Thursday to the French Ministry of Justice, and will then pass through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will forward it to its Chilean counterparts. In addition to a 27-page summary, the Chileans will have the entire investigation file, translated into Spanish, at their disposal, and could respond within a few months. Zepeda’s presence at the trial, which should be held with or without him, in 2020, will then be at stake. Everything leads us to believe that he premeditated his act
In the absence of an extradition agreement between the two countries, the possibility that he will be handed over to France rests solely on Chile’s “international courtesy”. And the least we can say is that, until now, the Chileans have not really shown it.
In his country, Zepeda has never been questioned in court. As for the possibility that he might be “denounced” by the French, in order to be judged in Santiago, the Chilean authorities dismissed it out of hand.

This attitude is difficult to understand, since the case, even without the weight of an autopsy, is overwhelming on paper. If the extradition request evacuates the prosecution for “kidnapping and sequestration”, focusing on the “murder”, it is because everything suggests that the young Chilean premeditated his act. With Narumi, he says he lived “19 months and 16 days” of a love affair that began in February 2015, when he was studying at the same university as her, the one in Tsukuba, not far from Tokyo. He dates the end of it to October 6, 2016.

A few weeks earlier, Narumi arrived in Besançon for a year. A student with a bright future, all her professors judge. The best proof of this is that she has a scholarship from the extremely selective Japanese government. “Her departure from Japan created an uncomfortable situation within our couple,” Zepeda will euphemize the only time he will speak, on his own initiative, on December 30, 2016, in front of the Chilean police.

Jealous of a French student

After the fact, in view of the expert assessments conducted by investigators of the PJ of Besançon, it will appear that 980 messages were exchanged between Narumi and Nicolas at this time. Only on September 5, 2016, day when their rupture seems to be precipitated, the two address 646 messages in three hours. He is bitter. Accuses Narumi of having “destroyed everything”.
On September 7, in a video posted on Dailymotion, the Chilean is this time threatening: “It must build trust. She has to pay”, he says in front of the camera, with a dark look in his eyes.
The previous autumn, he had introduced her to his family during a month’s vacation in Chile, and announced to his relatives that he wanted to make a life with her. But in this early October 2016, nothing goes anymore. The young Japanese woman obviously has another vision of her own future. “I am not in France, and you take me for an idiot,” Nicolas reproaches him. He wants as proof the male frequentations of the young woman, in particular a certain Arthur.

Narumi Kurosaki / Nicolas Zepeda Contreras./DR

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Pregnant with her presumed murderer?

As luck would have it, this young Frenchman has just returned from a year of study in Japan, in Tsukuba. He befriended Narumi in Franche-Comté and Zepeda rightly senses that a romance is brewing. He orders Narumi to delete Arthur from her Facebook contacts, along with two other friends. This one refuses. “I wanted to get married, to have a house, to have children with you…” says Zepeda.

On the other hand, Narumi reproaches him ” to spoil (his) studies in France “. Especially: “I will never forget that you put me pregnant”, she exposes to him, deploring that the Chilean does not help her financially on this point, which crystallized broad investigations. Because in view of the conversations, it is well in the present that speaks then Narumi, whose investigators tried, on the administrative level, as near the hospitals of the sector, to have confirmation of her pregnancy, without succeeding in it.

On October 8, a last exchange between the two young people ends with an “I love you” from the Chilean, which sounds like an epitaph.

“That’s the reason why we are going to conduct, starting on Sunday, a search with a lot of means, like Bluestar, to reveal the blood traces.”

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