Invisible bloodstains revealed by Bluestar

Mallouk case: the long trial of a murder without a confession (FRANCE 3)

Hafid Mallouk is to be tried for a fortnight for the murder of his girlfriend, a young nurse whose body was found burnt in a forest in Villers-les-Nancy.

Bloodstain revealed
The judicial path has been very long and tortuous to bring Hafid Mallouk to the courtroom of the Nancy assizes court. And his trial promises to be just as long and tortuous. It will open on 22 January at 2pm and is due to last two weeks.
Two weeks during which experts of all kinds will take the stand. For in this case, the courts have had recourse to almost every possible means of scientific investigation. This was not enough to overcome the block of denials in which Hafid Mallouk was locked. But it did drastically reduce the room for doubt.
The 39-year-old from Nancy, employed on a fixed-term contract in an insurance firm before his arrest, is accused of having killed his companion, Julie Martin, a 34-year-old nurse with whom he had a baby daughter. The case dates back to 30 June 2014. That day, in the early afternoon, the police and fire brigade intervened at the couple’s home, on rue Jean-Prouvé, next to the Place de la Croix-de-Bourgogne, in Nancy. It was Hafid Mallouk’s brother who alerted them because he came to the door of the house and nobody answered his calls.
The firemen entered through the window and discovered the thirty-year-old locked in the bathroom. He was frantically washing his hands. His hands show signs of injury. The man looks shocked and is unable to give coherent answers to the police’s questions.

Invisible bloodstains revealed by the Bluestar

In particular, he is unable to explain where his girlfriend has gone. This suspicious behaviour prompted the police to search the flat. They used “Bluestar“, a product that reveals bloodstains invisible to the naked eye. They then realised that there were significant traces of blood throughout the flat, from the bathroom to the bedroom and the kitchen, and that everything had been cleaned.


For the investigators, it is clear that Julie Martin has been killed and they are at the scene of her murder. But there is no body. The victim remains unaccounted for. Until 14 July 2014. A walker discovers the completely charred body of the young woman in the Clairlieu forest in Villers-lès-Nancy.

This was the starting point of a marathon of scientific investigations. Everything was examined: analysis of the soil from the pyre as well as various objects found burnt with the body, autopsy of the charred bones, DNA research, study of the shape of the bloodstains found in the flat on Rue Jean-Prouvé and analysis of the couple’s mobile and fixed telephone lines.

All of this leads to a body of damning evidence against Hafid Mallouk. The last investigating judge in charge of the case retained nine elements to send him back to the court of assizes (see elsewhere). However, the thirty-year-old persists in denying it.

His psychological health seems to have deteriorated since he has been in detention. He regularly turns his cell into a dumping ground or degrades it. What will be his attitude at the trial? The answer will be given on 22 January. He is facing life imprisonment.