The murderer of an old woman confessed to having been helped by a hitman

Puno: the murderer of an old lady confessed having been helped by a hired killer

Diario Correo : 27.05.2017

He killed his wife because he met another woman.

He got confused and finally had to take responsibility for the murder of the woman with whom he had 3 children. This was the fate of Dionicio Mamani Laura who was sent to prison for 9 months to await his sentence.

He took an early leave and accepted all the charges against him during the hearing that was held yesterday around 8 o’clock in the morning at the headquarters of the judiciary in the city of Puno.

Andrea Condori Curasi, with whom he was married, was murdered in the house also occupied by Mamani and several of his relatives who alerted the police about it. At first, Dionicio wanted to deny any connection with the death.

Depincri agents discovered him quickly because, after his confused statements, they decided to apply a reagent called “luminol blue star”.

Through the chemical, they discovered that after participating in the murder, the suspect had washed the blood of his partner, but the chemical allowed them to find traces of his crime on his skin.


This was the tip of the skein to discover everything because, in front of the evidence, the suspect of the time confessed to have participated in the murder together with a hitman.
Both had covered the woman’s face to guarantee her silence, while with a knife they stabbed the pillow in the hope of touching the head or neck of the victim who tried to defend herself.
One of the attempts hit the eye of the old woman who, because of the pain, turned her head and received the next attack with the back of the head. The macabre scene took place at 4 am.